Early season activities:

Husky hiking + kennel visit

About 2h walk in a forest with a husky
coffee/tea/snacks on a fireplace

Noin 2h kävely huskyn kanssa
Taukopaikalla pannukahvit/tee, pulla

Early season activity (begin from Novemberg). You can choose a calm and friendly dog to pull you on a walk. Between the trip we will prepare fire on a hill and enjoy coffee/tea/hot chocolate while the dogs enjoy their snack. The duration of a trip about two hours. After the trip you are warmly welcome to meet all our dogs in a kennel also puppies and have a discussion of our life with dogs.

Winter activities:


1 hour tour including a kennel visit
2 person/sled
Juice in the warm fireplace
Total duration of the program about 1,5 hours

Noin 1h ajoa jonka jälkeen kennelvierailu
2 ihmistä/reki
Lämmin kota
Ohjelman kokonaiskesto noin 1,5 tuntia

A short tour for families and friends who want to share a sled. Suitable also for small kids. One person driving while other sitting on a sled. You can change a driver between a trip. After a trip, we have a warm fireplace and our customers can have more information about the life with dogs and meet our puppies.


About 2 hours tour
coffee/tea and snacks in a fireplace
2 person/sled, change in a half way
The total duration of the program 2-3 hours.

Noin 2 tuntia ajoa
Kahvitarjoilu kodassa
2 ihmistä/reki, puolivälissä voi vaihtaa kuskia
Ohjelman kokonaiskesto 2-3 tuntia.

Enjoy the arctic nature on the husky sleigh ride with your friend or family. This husky tour is suitable for all, easy and safe to drive. One person driving while other sitting on a sled. You can change driver between. The length of the trip is 10-15 km, depending on the weather conditions. Our journey ends to a nice warm fireplace with coffee/tea and a snack. After a trip our customers can pet the dogs and participate on our life with dogs.


20km driving with your own team
Wilderness lunch after the tour
Total duration of the program 3-4 hours

20km ajaen itse omalla valjakolla
Lounas safarin jälkeen tulipaikalla
Ohjelman kokonaiskesto 3-4 tuntia

This trip is for active people who want to explore the real mushing experience. Drive through different landscapes with your own dog team.  After the tour we will have a wilderness lunch prepared on a fireplace.

Kennel visit

Kennel visit with coffee/tea/juice in a fireplace

Kennelvierailu ja kahvitarjoilu

Life with the dogs.
Meet our puppies and participate in feeding and playing with our dogs.