About us

Satumarja Stenman

The musher, Satumarja Stenman!

Soulmate huskies is a family owned medium size husky kennel. At the moment we have about 70 huskies and 5 shepherd dogs. We really do this work by heart. Every dog is a family member to us and we want to take care of each dog. We don’t do this business for money but the passion to the sleddog sport and lifestyle. Most of our dogs stay at home after retirement and we want to offer stable life also to our old huskies. They deserve the best after long career as a sled dog. 

The huskies are my main job during a winter season but I also do dog sports in the summer time with my white shepherd dogs. The races and training of dogs are my passion and our kennel have won several national races and we have several working champion titled dogs in my kennel.

If you want to support a kennel where the well being of dogs is a high standard, this is the kennel where you should visit!