Training & Races

Training of dogs

We start autumn training in September. It is very important for us that the dogs are in a good condition before the season. In autumn we also start training of our puppies and young dogs to become a pack of our team.


I’m trying to participate in a few races during the season. We race mid distane and long distance races.

Siberian husky:
Rautavaara sprint race 2018: SP8 SM-REK-8-18, REK1
Gold Rush Run 2018: MD8 2x75km, 3rd place alaskanhusky/siberinhuksy team
Gold Rush Run 2017: MD6 , the best siberian husky team, SM-REK-6-17, REK1
Rautavaara sprint race 2017: SPU 3rd place, SM-PRONSSIA, the best siberian husky team, REK1
Ukkohalla 2017: MD8, 6/20, REK1
Ruuhirod mid distance race 2015 (MD6): The best siberian husky team

Alaskan husky:
Ukkohalla-Paljakka 2020: MD8 first place
Gold Rush Run 2018: MD8 3rd place
Gold Rush Run mid distace 2017: MD6 4th
Ukkohalla mid distance race in 2016: MD6 first place